This guy will work his butt off for you.

This guy will work his butt off for you. Plain and simple.

He will ask questions that you won’t think of yourself because you’re too busy figuring out what tile you are going to put in the bathrooms.

Chase will find out what your needs and wants are and NOT push outside of those bounds. If you
tell him you don’t want to look at a certain price or type of house then you won’t.

He has a wealth of knowledge about the actual sales process. What I mean by this is, he knows what a response from the seller/buyer will be before putting in an offer or counter offer. I went against his judgement a few times (to low ball an offer) and the deal fell apart. When I finally listened to him, the process was amazingly smooth.

Finally, when we eventually went into escrow Chase continually answered my many questions and remained helpful until we had the keys in our hands.

Long story short, Chase is a trustworthy agent who knows his stuff and truly loves to help you get exactly what you want.

P.S. He loves to talk about his strip of white hair.